Solutions for Strategy Execution

IYCON is a leader in improvement and delivery of Strategy Management Execution, as well as a preferred Strategy Execution Partner for government and private corporations. Using the best practice methodology Wizsm PRISE, IYCON provides companies and governments a road map for Process and Risk Integrated Strategy Execution.

IYCON delivers more than products, by adding value to these products using experience gained over the last twenty years. In addition, IYCON empowers the customer’s team to take full ownership of the product, and the initiative being driven by the product.

The IYCON solution offering, integrates common use cases to deliver a unified solution. This is highly cost effective as compared to deploying independent solutions, and also quicker to implement. The total cost of ownership of these initiatives are also rationalized, providing a higher return on investment.

Integrated Solutions

Strategy & Performance Management Solutions

Performance Management is a must for monitoring and planning your success, but it can become a challenging task when a multitude of home-made systems and Excel reports no longer support your growing business and organization. To reach optimal results in your strategy or process performance, you need one solution that engages the whole organization.

Wizsm Perfomance provides the ideal platform for consolidating your portfolio of different management-level performance reporting tools into one scalable, user-friendly and easy to maintain business performance solution. You can automate your data collection, consolidate monitoring and reporting, and effectively set clear and achievable targets. These can be easily communicated via dashboards to engage employees to actively participate in your organization's strategy executuon. In addition, with the help of Wizsm Perfomance, you can link your risk or process management activities to your overall performance management solution.

Governance & Risk Management Solutions

Organizations encounter Risk as they pursue their Strategic Objectives and must decide the level of acceptable Risk, in pursuing these Objectives. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Decision Making are not isolated from Strategy, Planning, or day-to-day Decision Making. Regulators and other Governing bodies are also calling for better descriptions of Organization’s Risk Management Processes. Legislation such as GDPR, have underscored the importance of having good Risk Management Processes in place.

The Wizsm Risk Management Solution ensures that Risk Management is reflective of the Organizational Strategy, including Organizational Objectives, Business Plans, and Stakeholder expectations. It aligns Risk Management to all key aspects of the business, while considering the skills, resources and technology required to manage and monitor risk exposures in the context of risk appetite. In addition, all governance and compliance functions are included in the solution.

Document Management Solutions

Enterprise data is exploding on a daily basis. Documents and information are stored in a growing number of different repositories, such as network folders, SharePoint, OneDrive, CRM and other ERP systems. Managing the data located in various disconnected systems can be time consuming. Documents are the lifeblood of an organization, and access to the right version of documents can be the difference between success and failure.

The M-files Enterprise Information Management solutions enables you to organize your content based on “what” it is and not “where” it is stored. With built-in AI, business critical-documents are discovered and tagged with metadata. Automated workflow increase productivity and enables cost savings. The M-files metadata driven document management platform enables knowledge workers to instantly find the right information in any context, automate business processes, and enforce information control providing businesses with a competitive advantage.

Business Process Management Solutions

Organizations are faced with constant change. If processes are not documented, it becomes challenging to optimize operations and adhere to compliance. In addition, it is necessary to understand and harmonize core business processes by managing and optimizing them. Process Management is crucial function within an organization. It ensures that the processes are aligned with the organization's strategic goals and are measured effectively and are communicated across the organization.

The Wizsm Process Design Solution enables organizations to streamline its business processes and unify all processes in a single repository. This provides valuable insights into the processes and allows identification of processes that are outdated, costly and unproductive. This improves employees interaction with customers and other stakeholders.

Business Process Improvement Solutions

Organizations define their business processes within central process repositories, which detail and define the process the way they are to be executed (Design Processes), using tools such as Wizsm Process Design. Processes are then deployed using IT systems such as ERP’s, Workflows and other automation Systems such as Wizsm Trova.

The Wizsm Process Mining Solution enables rapid business process improvement by indentifying process issues, and the impacts on other layers of the process, such as users, customers etc. The Wizsm Process Mining Solution enables visual comparison between the “Design Processes” and “Discovered Processes”, to understand potential non conformances in the actual executed processes. The Wizsm Process Mining Solution is targeted at the Technology, Process Optimization or Quality Team.

Business Process Execution Solutions

Although organizations have been investing in automation solutions, the reality is that manual tasks are still prevalent in many organizations. Even those organizations who have adopted automation still face challenges with effectiveness, cost, integration, security and compliance. This is because business processes often have numerous exceptions that fall outside of normal automated processes.

The Wizsm Process Execution Solution addresses these challenges by ensuring vertical applications are automated quickly and easily. The solution integrates master data from internal systems, and external data sources like web sites and portals using API’s. The Solution is built on Wizsm Trova and Wizsm Visivo and replaces manual processes built on paper and Excel. External data can be integrated as required using Wizsm Integrator.

Management Reporting Solutions

Despite having invested in state of the art transaction, BI and other back office systems, an overwhelming number of organizations continue to use PowerPoint as the main tool for presenting management reports. These PowerPoints include information which is collated from multiple systems using Excel. The potential for issues and errors in Excel are both well-known and widespread.

The Wizsm Management Reporting Solution is built on Wizsm Performance and Wizsm Visivo and replaces manual management reporting on PowerPoint and Excel. Data can be entered manually using data entry workflows with multiple levels of approval, or integrated using Wizsm Integrator.

Strategy & Financial Consulting Solutions

Our Strategy Workshops guide the customer in formulating and documenting strategy, using the best practice Wizsm PRISE Methodology which provides organizations with a roadmap to effective Strategy Execution. PRISE© stands for Process & Risk Integrated Strategy Execution. It integrates Processes, Risks, and Initiatives with Strategy to enable Organizations to successfully Execute their strategy.

Our Financial Consultancy, and Outsourced CFO Services, provide customers with senior talent and advanced financial knowledge in a cost effective manner. Services include improving financial operations and implementing operational systems for cost reduction and efficiency.

Management Insights Solutions

Today, organizations have many demands on managers as well as on business and process analysts. Interpretation of business data and trends are critical success factors for an organization to remain competitive. However, not all managers understand the available analytical methods, and may use incorrect approaches in analyzing the information, which results in incorrect decisions. This becomes costly and time inefficient. Very often, key learnings are not readily visible from standard organization reports.

The Wizsm Management Insights Solution is targeted at the everyday manager, providing contextual analytics to the displayed information through easy to use wizards.