What We Do

IYCON is a transformational technology solutions company with a mission to serve businesses and governments, by delivering high quality strategic execution services, through world class technology tools, expertise, best practice methodologies and continued quality support.

We take pride in our role in building “Thought Leadership” around the subject of Strategy Execution. Since our inception in 2002, we have enabled our customers by providing the "Right Information at the Right Time", to enable better decisions. We believe that the outcomes of decisions, which are based on the right information, positively affect the strategy of an organization.

IYCON Thought Leadership

Leader in Strategy Execution


Best Practice Methodology

IYCON is a leader in improvement and delivery of Strategy Management Execution, as well as a preferred Strategy Execution Partner for government and private corporations. Using the best practice methodology Wizsm PRISE, IYCON provides companies and governments a road map for Process and Risk Integrated Strategy Execution.

Empowering Our Customers

Empowering Our Customers

IYCON delivers more than products, by adding value to these products using experience gained over the last twenty years. In addition, IYCON empowers the customer’s team to take full ownership of the product, and the initiative being driven by the product.


Corporate Social Responsibility

IYCON is committed towards conducting all its business activities in a socially responsible manner. IYCON believes that success is complete only when achieved by way of business, which has adhered to highest standards of corporate and social responsibility.

IYCON is the master distributor for Wizsm PRISE. The Wizsm PRISE© Product Suite, provides a replicable roadmap to Strategy Execution, which takes us from the “What to the How”.

IYCON is a value added reseller for M-Files. M-Files is the global leader in metadata driven document management, enabling better management of Document Centric Processes.

IYCON provides consulting solutions to complete our service offering. Solutions include Strategy Consulting, Financial Consulting, Outsourced CFO services, and Technology Consulting.

The IYCON Mission

While today's markets belong to companies with a competitive advantage, the future belongs to companies with an Adaptive Advantage - The Ability to Master Change!

IYCON’s mission, "Sustaining Your Adaptive Advantage™” is geared to support companies discover and maintain their competitive advantage, as well as empower them with the ability to master change.

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