Wizly PRISE™ Methodology

Organizations follow an array of Management Practices in their endeavour to achieve the Organization's Vision.

  • Strategy Management, based on the Balanced Scorecard methodology.
  • Performance Management Processes, to measure a multitude of performance areas, including Departmental Performance.
  • Process Management to effectively execute strategy through efficient, strategy aligned processes.
  • Program and Project Management to successfully deploy Initiatives, Programs, and Projects linked to Strategy.
  • Risk and Opportunity Management to be better prepared for events, that have a negative or positive effect on Strategy.
  • Quality Management to strengthen the Organization's competitive position.

  • Process and Risk Integrated Strategy Execution - Wizly PRISE™

    Wizly PRISE© is a Best Practice Methodology which provides organizations with a roadmap to effective Strategy Execution. Wizly PRISE© Methodology integrates Processes, Risks, Initiatives with Strategy to enable Organizations to successfully execute strategy.

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