IYCON is the Technology Partner for the IIR 2012 BSC Summit. This is the fifth year, IYCON has been associated with this prestigious event.

IYCON will present the latest product offering - QPR Suite 2012.

QPR Suite 2012 features four standalone, yet easy to combine products that each support essential elements to improve the workings of your organization.

  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer - Helps you quickly gain insight in the "as is" state of your processes, problem areas and improvement opportunities.
  • QPR ProcessDesigner - Allows you to model processes efficiently and ensure also your business-side employees become active participants in process-oriented improvement.
  • QPR EnterpriseArchitect - Your IT resources and their configuration are of fundamental influence to the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes. QPR EnterpriseArchitect offers you a powerful tool for keeping both aligned with each other.
  • QPR Metrics - To move things forward, monitor progress and address the issues that need addressing you need a proper tool to manage objectives and automate performance reporting. QPR Metrics is just the tool, whatever your initiative!

  • However, the focus will be on QPR Metrics which is a Performance Management Software that provides your organization with a fast to implement, flexible, web-based performance management solution.

    QPR Metrics is capable of supporting multiple management standards, methodologies and initiatives, including the Balanced Scorecard, and turns your lenghty, resource-intensive performance reporting cycles into an effective real-time performance management program.

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