Founded in 2002 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), IYCON - a consulting and technology solutions company, has been selling QPR software right from inception.

Though successful sales of QPR Solutions, the company has grown to a company employing more than 20 people with offices both in UAE and India and customers all around the Persian Gulf and India. Among the biggest customers are the Commercial Bank of Dubai, Tawuniya (Saudi Arabia), Dubai Aluminum, Gulf Agency Company, Emirate Posts Group, Emirates Identity Authority and Tata Teleservices.

IYCON’s founder and director Jude Chagas Pereira worked previously as CFO in a company he partly owned. When the company was bought over, he decided to start a consultancy – although IYCON evolved to focus on QPR implementations.

“As an executive I was addressing same kind of problems as QPR was, like the lack of transparency in internal reporting and getting fragmented reports due to multiple systems. I could very much recognize the benefits QPR could offer from an end-user point of view”, he recalls.

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IYCON “walks the talk” by using QPR software in its own business. Jude Chagas Pereira believes that this has been very instrumental for IYCON’s success in the last few years.

"During our first operational years we decided that we need to completely understand QPR products. Only then we are able to map our customers’ needs and offer solutions to them in all times. Therefore all our processes are mapped with QPR ProcessGuide. Today, all new employees learn IYCON’s selling, implementation and customer support processes through ProcessGuide and through this they learn the best practices”, he continues.

Both QPR’s pre- and post-sale support has been beneficial to IYCON. It obtains 80 percent of its leads from QPR’s Partner CRM. Without the help of QPR the Company would need to do its own marketing, do more personal sales work or use third party marketing.

“These leads help us getting access to organizations, and to talk to the right people. Thus we can qualify the leads very fast”, says Jude Chagas Pereira.

Closing deals is often assisted by QPR support to pricing, deal structure and size. In this QPR has been able to utilize experience gained from other markets. Jude Chagas Pereira gives credit also to QPR’s global help desk service.

“It is really reassuring to know to be co-operating with a professional partner”, IYCON’s founder and director Jude Chagas Pereira crystallizes his relationship to QPR.

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