Jude Chagas Pereira presented ‘Business Architectures - The Missing Link between Strategy & Execution’ at the 3rd BPM and Case Management Global Summit on 28 th June, 2016 at BPM And Case Management Global Summit, held at the Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City - USA.

The presentation encompassed the Wizly PRISE™ methodology , which is a best practice, technology agnostic framework, for Strategy Execution. Wizly PRISE™ links STRATEGY to OPERATIONS for successful Strategy Execution, and provides a replicable roadmap to strategy execution, which takes us from the What to the How. It avoids the disadvantages of having different management frameworks run in silos, independent of each other and it provides a holistic view all management information to enable better decisions.

The presentation was well received by a section of private enterprises and government entities. According to Jude Chagas Pereira “C level executives need to have a single consolidated view to support their decision making process, rather than having to refer to multiple reports from different departments. Wizly PRISE™ , provides the right information, at the right time enabling better decisions.”

About BPM And Case Management Global Summit

The BPM and Case Management Global Summit features a unique event format that delivers expert guidance from the industry's most trusted and respected thought leaders, combined with live capability demonstrations of actual solutions from an invite-only set of leading BPM vendors.
Now in its 3rd year, the BPM and Case Management Global Summit is the only event of its kind, designed by a team of leading analysts to ensure program success and effective decision making for BPM and Case Management initiatives.


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