Jude Chagas Pereira

As I look at IYCON’s growth since inception in 2002, I am extremely proud of what has been achieved. In addition I am even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future. IYCON has successfully transitioned from a start-up based out of Dubai, to become the Leading Strategy Execution Partner for Governments and Organizations across global geographies.

At IYCON our passion and mission is to enable our customers to have an unbeatable Adaptive Advantage. Our mission statement “Sustaining Your Adaptive Advantage™” is realized by ensuring that we provide the Right Information to the Right People, to enable better Decisions. We believe that the outcomes of decisions, which are based on the right information, positively affect the strategy of an organization.

We take pride in our role in building “Thought Leadership” around the subject of Strategy Execution. Our best practice, strategy execution methodology IYCON PRISE™ has enabled many government and private sector entities to succeed in their ongoing Strategy Management Journey. This methodology has as well as enabled some of them to win international awards for their frameworks.

We look forward to joining your organization and yourself on your journey of Strategy Execution.