Enterprise Content Management Solutions (ECM)

Your business relies on fast access to up-to-date content to make smarter and faster decisions to stay ahead of the competition. From documents to images, videos, audio files and everything in between, M-Files eliminates content chaos by providing an easy to use solution that enables your employees to quickly locate the exact content they need.
Manage content without learning a new system. If you can save and search, you know M-Files.
Every organization produces content. But too often, keeping track of all that content – what you have, where it is and when it was updated – seems impossible.
M-Files can help your business solve that problem by making it easy to keep track of all kinds of content, including files from all Office applications, scanned documents, emails and more.

M-Files uses a unique folderless approach based on metadata, or tags. The idea is that it's much easier and more accurate to describe what something is than to guess where it is stored. Moreover, in addition to eliminating the dependency on complex and often chaotic folder structures, this approach solves the previously intractable problem of one document or object existing in more than one "location" without duplication. A single unique document can show up in a listing of documents by date, by customer, by customer and date, workflow state, or literally any other property.

Benefits of M-Files Enterprise Content Management Solutions

  • Control versions: Avoid version creep and confusion with M-Files' check-out and check-in operations – so everyone knows who’s working on what.
  • Log changes: M-Files gives you a change log with usernames, timestamps and comments. Automatic naming and numbering options are also available, allowing you to easily keep up with every edit.
  • Stay accessible: M-Files’ folderless structure enhances accessibility by making it easy to search for and find files.
  • Paperless Office: Once stored in M-Files, all documents are indexed and searchable for instant retrieval. You can always access the "right" document, thanks to M-Files' integrated version history. Plus, it eliminates the need for chaotic and hard-to-manage Windows folders by organizing documents by any property or tag, such as product, customer or date. No more searching for where to save a file, just save to the vault and tag.
  • Audit trail: Improved quality and shorter cycle times with built-in version control and audit trail features that ensure that only controlled changes are allowed.
  • Secure, yet accessible anytime, anywhere: Ensure only authorized personnel have access with M-Files permissions, which can be set on an individual basis or by groups, such as management teams only. In fact, with support for Microsoft Active Directory, you can even use existing accounts and groups. Need a document when you’re not in the office, or even without an Internet connection? No problem. Remote and offline access give you around-the-clock access.
  • Empower innovation while maximizing existing IT investments.
  • Familiar, unified user experience speeds up adoption.
  • Bridge the gap between Core Business Systems, Documents and other Content.
  • Save to M-files from any program.
  • Compliance and regulations.
  • Schedule regular Backups.
  • Role based permissions: Metadata-driven permissions: a revolutionary approach providing unprecedented power and flexibility for user access control management.