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Tata Teleservices Limited is one of India’s leading mobile telecommunications service provider operating in India’s 19 telecom circles. Tata Teleservices delivers mobile connectivity, content and services to its growing customer base of 67 million business and retail consumers. The company offers integrated telecom solutions under the unified flagship brand Tata Docomo and operates its wireless network on the GSM, CDMA and 3G technology platforms. The company is focused on innovation and technology and has been rated among the top 100 most trusted brands in India.
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Centralized processes for competitiveness
Tata Teleservices acknowledged process management as one of the key competencies required for sustaining competitiveness in today’s business environment. Sound process management practices entail ensuring that process design is comprehensive and robust, yet simplified and ‘LEAN’. Processes and related key elements, such as KPIs, SLAs, Business Rules and RACIs need to be clearly defined and readily available for reference.
Prior to 2008, different business units and functions within Tata Teleservices were maintaining their own process repositories. This led to a lack of standardization and inefficiencies in process governance. Hence it was suggested that all processes and policies should be managed through a ‘centralized process repository’ hosted on a single digitized software application.
The following process management requirements were identified to help Tata Teleservices choose a fitting software:

  • Support process design activities by enabling the creation and storage of flowcharts, swim-lanes and KPIs
  • Enable categorization of the content and create linkages between different process elements
  • Enable customization of text and numeric fields
  • Enable access to content over a digitized platform (web-browser)
  • Enable access controls and approval workflows
  • Winning features of QPR
    QPR ProcessDesigner was chosen initially because it was determined to have the ideal set of functionalities to meet the previously mentioned requirements.The tool was also determined cost-effective.
    Now having used QPR ProcessDesigner since 2008, Tata Teleservices find that the ability to create interlinkages between different process models is a feature that stands out. They also appreciate the relative simplicity of the QPR architecture wherein the in-house technical team at Tata Teleservices can administer simple customizations without the need for direct involvement from QPR or QPR’s local Value-Added Reseller IYCON.
    Over the years, Tata Teleservices has developed an in-house process management framework called “BUILD”. The BUILD approach has been benchmarked with the telecom industry framework. The three pillars of BUILD are:
    Process hierarchy and decomposition,
    Process design (which takes into account quality tools, such as 5W1H, FMEA and principles of LEAN to eliminate process inefficiencies), and
    QPR as the ‘digitized process repository’.
    The approach to improve processes is termed as ‘FITT’ for ‘Framework of Improvement in TATA Teleservices’. It applies methods, such as LEAN and Six Sigma, and the use of QPR ProcessDesigner supports both BUILD and FITT.
    IYCON identified requirements and trained process champions internally to facilitate roll-out. Implementation took four months and it ran through the following phases: solution architecting, solution initialization, solution configuration and knowledge transfer.
    Creation of process artefacts in QPR is being taken up as per business priority.
    Through a structured process design approach (i.e. “BUILD”), Tata Teleservices has been able to standardize and integrate the isolated processes of 11 functions into a single, integrated one.
    QPR is the platform which not only enables digitization and content hosting, but it also makes it easily accessible to relevant stakeholders. QPR creates a controlled environment wherein a team of 15 Quality Managers are able to govern and administer all the processes.

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    IYCON is a transformational technology solutions company with a mission to serve businesses and governments, by delivering high quality strategic execution services, through world class technology tools, expertise, best practice methodologies and continued quality support. IYCON deploys its solutions based on the best practice methodology - Wizly PRISE™, which has been successfully used across the region over the last 14 years. IYCON’s mission, “Sustaining Your Adaptive Advantage™” is geared to support companies discover and maintain their competitive advantage, as well as empower them with the ability to master change. www.iycon.com

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    QPR Software Plc (Nasdaq Helsinki) provides solutions for strategy execution, performance and process management, process mining and enterprise architecture in over 50 countries. Users of QPR Software gain the insight they need for informed decisions that make a difference. With 25 years of experience, 2 000 customers and over a million licenses sold, QPR’s products are highly regarded by industry analysts and customers alike.www.qpr.com | www.community.qpr.com

    Tata Teleservices

    Lack of standardization and inefficiencies in process governance


    QPR’s Quality Management Solution


    In-house frameworks based on Business Process Framework, LEAN, Six Sigma etc.

    QPR Product USED

    QPR ProcessDesigner

    “BUILD is the single source of truth for processes in Tata Teleservices. The value of a single, integrated process repository need not be emphasized. It helps in identifying value streams and supports re-engineering, enables digitization, acts as a knowledge source for an incumbent, and a reference for compliance audits. It is a living document, to increase on all aspects with time – process skills of people, IT automation and infusion of simplicity into processes. QPR has been an able tool in our above journey”.

    Sugathan Ramasubrahmanyan
    Assistant Vice President of Quality & Delivery Excellence,
    Tata Teleservices Ltd