About First Abu Dhabi Bank (formerly National Bank of Abu Dhabi NBAD)

Listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), First Abu Dhabi Bank (formerly National Bank of Abu Dhabi -NBAD) is an integral systemic bank of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) providing a full range of products and services to the UAE and the global markets. First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) (formerly NBAD) is the largest bank in Abu Dhabi and the second largest bank in the UAE in terms of assets and it is also listed in the 50 safest banks in the world during 2009.
It is the most internationally diversified bank among the UAE banks with offices in Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Sudan and Jordan in the MENA region, Hong Kong in the Far East, London, Paris, and Geneva in Europe and Washington D.C. in the USA. Its largest external market is Egypt where it operates as a full service bank with 27 branches. In Oman, the bank has eight branches providing a comprehensive range of services throughout the Sultanate.
Since its inception in 1968, FAB’s diversified earnings base has delivered a strong record. This has been achieved through organic growth. The Group is differentiated by its strong franchise, skilled employees and long-serving management. FAB (formerly NBAD) employs 3,753 people in the UAE and 971 at its international operations worldwide. The Bank posted a net profit for the full year of 2009 of AED 3.0 billion. Its total assets reached AED 196.8 billion at the end of 2009.
FAB's (formerly NBAD) vision is “To be the number one Arab Bank”. More information is available at www.bankfab.ae

Before introducing QPR ProcessDesigner by Policies, Procedures & Processes department (PPPD), the needs for improvement were to support all departments to document processes, which were in different formats Ex. Stand-alone Procedures in multiple formats – Text based, Process Maps, MSVisio flow charts, etc., and aim for ISO certification.

Creating a centralized repository

Being a major financial institution in UAE, FAB (formerly NBAD) had to combine all the information related to processes into a centralized process repository and to eliminate lengthy text based Procedures and introduction of simple, precise, user friendly, easy to understand end-to-end process maps for every existing identified business process using a BPM tool.

Improving customer service and compliance

FAB (formerly NBAD) set two goals: Improve customer service through streamlined and well documented processes and improve compliance with established policies and procedures by FAB (formerly NBAD) staff through their better understanding of procedures presented in a graphical process maps and also to implement a tool to train UAE nationals on the Bank’s processes and policies.

The Business Process Manual (BPM) project

The BPM project involved the senior management and the departments of FAB (formerly NBAD), and other stakeholders of the project. The key task of the project success was to train the key-users in the PPP department, as well as the business users to use QPR ProcessDesigner as a development tool.
This training enabled the team to understand how the software works on a detailed level. It also helped us to agree on best standards and practices on process framework.
“The base model allowed us to have a common understanding and to main uniformity across the bank”, says Mr. Mohammed Ramatullah, Head of Policies, Procedures & Processes at the FAB(formerly National Bank of Abu Dhabi).
Management frameworks used were Quality Management (ISO 9001:2008) and Business Process Excellence.

Implementing the repository

As a result of the project, a single centralized process repository was implemented in many of the business segments. QPR ProcessDesigner allowed FAB (formerly NBAD) to have a common platform for process related information with common standards across FAB (formerly NBAD) -End-to-end process maps with embedded applications/forms/templates/User Manuals / Electronic forms, KORCs, KRIs, Policies, etc., on a single platform and QPR Portal as a single point of reference for the business users.
Compliance with ISO has been achieved and CBG was awarded with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

What will be done in the future?

The next steps include rolling out this business process modeling framework to all departments and international locations in FAB (formerly NBAD) with the help of QPR ProcessDesigner.


To create a centralized process repository for all business and support departments. This process repository should be a one point reference for all Process Maps, Forms, Process documents, Manuals, Policies, Key Operational Risk Controls (KORC), SLAs & Quality documents.


Business Process Management

QPR Product Used

QPR ProcessDesigner

“Thanks to the excellent local support provided by QPR partner in United Arab Emirates, IYCON is a strategic business partner for FAB (formerly NBAD) with excellent customer support and expertise in Business Process Management.”

Mohammed Ramatullah
Head of Policies, Procedures & Processes