Loadstar was incorporated in 1984 as a joint venture be-tween the Jinasena group and Solideal in Belgium. Today it is the world’s largest manufacturer of solid tires. The company specializes in producing high-quality pneumatic and solid tires as well as rubber covered tracks for industrial and heavy duty applications. Catering to buyers around the globe, Loadstar turns out 6,500 tires daily for equipment manufacturers such as Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, and Fiat.

“The main advantage of QPR Scorecard is its flexibility which makes it 100% customizable and an amazing fit to an organisation like Loadstar which has complex business processes.” Comments Samanjith Wickramasinha, General Manager –Information Systems

As a result of Loadstar’s transformation into a lean organisation, a set of KPI’s were defined from the highest board level, down to the smallest manufacturing cell, to measure and monitor performance.

Today, Loadstar manages all of its management review meetings using QPR. Even in an urgent meeting, data is readily available in QPR. Fully graphical dashboards help management to purely concentrate on reds than looking at all KPIs and focus on making effective and strategy aligned business decisions.

Performance management implementation completed in 30 days
The Loadstar team has completed the implementation using a team comprised of 100% internal resources, and with minimal support from IYCON (www.iycon.com), the QPR Distributor and service provider.

The project team was headed by Samanjith Wickramasinha, General Manager Information Systems division, and received full support from management though the CEO, Dr. Tissa Jinasena and Jt Managing Director: Koenraad Pringiers.

The project team was able to finish the implementation within four weeks as planned.

Benefits of using QPR
The new KPI monitoring system, was initially implemented using spreadsheets to monitor and display the performance information. However, it was not possible to efficiently deploy the KPI monitoring system on spreadsheets, given the size and complexity of the organisation.

It was during this phase in December 2008, that the project team evaluated and implemented QPR Scorecard, which lead to deployment of scorecards and KPI’s in an organized and simplified manner.

Managers are now able to concentrate on their scorecards, which are easy to use. QPR Scorecard provides intuitive, graphical visualualization of data which supports management decisions, without the need to analyze a number of spreadsheets.

Data is pushed from the core ERP, SAP ECC 6.0 which makes manual data entry minimal.

Another major benefit of QPR Scorecard is its drill down capability which allows the management to drill down to the smallest unit in the organisation to understand root causes of issues highlighted at higher levels.

Summary of Performance Management in Loadstar (manufacturing vertical)

  • Methodology frameworks used: Strategy Management (Balanced scorecard)
  • QPR products used: QPR Scorecard
  • Integration to other systems: SAP
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