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Al Fahidi is one of the leading company in the gas sector for the UAE market specializing in LP Gas installation, maintenance, consultancy and engineering for domestic, commercial and industrial applications in compliance with all the accepted local & international codes of practices & standards.
Established in 1982 in the United Arab Emirates, Al Fahidi Gastech supplies and distributes liquid petroleum Gas (LPG), along with related equipment and services to its customers. The core business for Al Fahidi Gastech is LPG installation, maintenance, consultancy and engineering for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The company’s mission is to provide quality service to its domestic, commercial and industrial customers.
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Reliance on Paper-based Processes Drive the Need for ECM
Al Fahidi Gastech relied heavily on manual, paper-based processes for documents that required the approval by signature by others within the organization. Once approved, the signed documents would then be scanned and saved within a network file folder-based system, and files were transmitted to customers and vendors via email. If documents had to be amended, this entire process was repeated.
Employees were not only wasting a lot of time looking for documents, but also verifying if the versions they found were the most current and accurate files because of the lack of consistency in how documents were saved and organized. Furthermore, the tracking of orders and contract expiry dates was being conducted manually in spreadsheets, and keeping this file up-to-date and accurate was becoming an increasing challenge.
Time consumption, a lack of document-traceability, excess paper usage—as well as the manual workflow processes for tracking and monitoring orders, deliveries, contracts and warranty certificates—all lead to the realization by Al Fahidi Gastech that they needed a better approach, and to consider implementing an enterprise content management (ECM) solution.
IYCON Assists in the Selection and Deployment of M-Files; Integrations with Existing Systems
Al Fahidi Gastech reviewed several ECM systems and conducted an in depth comparison of features among competing solution providers. At the conclusion of this process, is was clear that M-Files would best meet the company’s requirements. “A company cannot truly analyze a software solution during seminars or office presentations—it needs to be tested against current work scenarios,” said Mitesh Bhatia, Managing Partner at Al Fahidi Gastech. “We were fortunate to work with IYCON, an M-Files partner, and their team did a great job showing us the benefits of M-Files in the context of real-world use case environments.”
IYCON also assisted Al Fahidi Gastech with the integration of M-Files with the company’s existing SAP ERP system. By leveraging the metadata-based architecture of M-Files to create a seamless and bi-directional link to SAP, Al Fahidi Gastech staff can quickly and easily gain insight about the number of requests received from customers, number of quotes sent and projects related to clients, whether they’re using M-Files from their desktop or from the M-Files mobile app.
“The IYCON implementation team was well qualified and knowledgeable, and they ensured that our organization’s requirements were met,” continued Bhatia. “We also received recommendations and best practice guidance that we’ve incorporated in our processes.”
Reducing Paper Consumption, Transitioning Away from Manual Processes with M-Files
With M-Files in place, Al Fahidi Gastech has transitioned from their paper based approach to document management, and as a result, the company has substantially reduced its paper consumption while improving efficiency and productivity by automating approval processes that previously were conducted in a manual manner.
M-Files is used across all the departments in the company, and the ECM solution ensures that employees are always working from the most current and precise version of a document. Maintaining strict control over information access with M-Files provides Al Fahidi Gastech with greater security and accountability.
“Older versions of documents are preserved automatically and it’s easy to track all of our documents with the useful audit trail capabilities in M-Files. The ability to quickly and easily produce a complete file history for bills of material for our projects has been a huge benefit for us,” added Bhatia.
Automated Workflows in M-Files Simplifies Approvals and Workflows
Prior to M-Files, approval processes were time consuming and error prone. Documents were created, printed and manually provided to managers and/or directors for approval. By automating workflows in M-Files for review and approval processes, the management can now not only quickly access, for example, an invoice from anywhere and at any time, but they can also see where it is in the review/approval process. Today, all Al Fahidi Gastech’s invoice requests are managed via M-Files. This new approval process has saved a significant amount of time for staff and the management alike.
In addition, Al Fahidi Gastech leverages M-Files to track and manage expiry dates, and automatically send out reminders when warranty certificates are close to expiring. This capability has enabled the company to engage with customers about initiating preventive maintenance contracts after the lapse of warranty period.
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About M-Files
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“Al Fahidi Gastech deployed M-Files to ensure projects documents, employee files and company records are effectively stored and managed. M-Files is great document management solution for any industry —it increases productivity and reduces costs, and there is no better team than IYCON to implement it”.

Mitesh Bhatia
Managing Partner
Al Fahidi Gastech LLC