About The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI)

The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) was established in 1982 as a legally independent government organization responsible to act as the custodian of all Civil Information in the State of Kuwait.

One of the many services that PACI provides to the public is the issuance of unique Civil ID to all legal residents in Kuwait, Kuwaiti and Non-Kuwaiti. The ID is issued on a Smart Card that enables the digital use of its data and enables the e-Identity to facilitate e-Use.

But PACI is more than just an ID issuing entity; within its custody is vital civil information about individuals and local businesses. Personal data for each legal resident such as full name, date of birth, local address, blood group, telephone number, marriage, divorce, sponsor, death and premise registrations etc., are maintained and kept up to date.

PACI being an ISO 27001 certified organization complies with and uses the latest global standards for security. The Smart Card ID has become the trusted ID used for most transactions when dealing with government and even private organizations, which is used for a vast array of official administrative tasks such as applying for passports (Kuwaiti Nationals) and driving licenses, opening a bank account, hospital admittance, enrolling in school, registering a commercial business, voting for parliament candidates and more.

Another crucial service that PACI provides is the tagging of all building structures in Kuwait with unique identifier. As such, each resident’s dwelling and business establishment has been provided with a unique number identifier and with the GIS system (Kuwait Finder), and the tracking of the location has been greatly enhanced.

This civil information is shared with other ministries through authorized channels thereby making Kuwait’s environment more secure and business friendly. Most Ministries depend on PACI to provide them with valuable Statistical Data that is crucial for their various planning activities.

Another vital service that PACI provides is the issuance of various civil certificates to individuals and business establishments as the need may be.

Manual Processes for Managing Document Expiry Dates Creates Inefficiencies

Before M-Files, PACI relied on a network file folder system to manage information. This approach made it tedious to manage the lifecycle of documents and forced the organization to manage document expiry dates manually. PACI used a spreadsheet to track expiry dates, which was challenging since there was no way for the organization to automate the process of triggering actions on documents reaching their expiry date. To complicate the matter, printed copies of documents were digitally scanned and stored, which resulted in different versions of the documents being saved throughout the organization. In addition, the company did not have an audit trail about changes and modifications to documents and there was no database to maintain the document history and change logs.

PACI had a vision to become ISO 27001 certified, and they decided to evaluate and procure a system that would enable them to achieve this certification, with the main focus on information security but user friendliness, reliability and flexibility were also important. The solution had to enable their staff to quickly and easily review and approve documents and that would easily integrate with their existing systems. Implementing the right solution was vital for PACI to significantly improve efficiency and streamline workflows, eliminate the duplication of files as well as provide audit trails and document histories.

The Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) evaluated M-Files and another leading enterprise content management (ECM) systems based on their robust security features, workflows creation, document template, access management and supplier reputation. Cost effectiveness was also a crucial consideration. M-Files stood out and was the top choice by management as it fit the needs of PACI due to its capabilities, value and ease of use.

IYCON FZ LLC was the preferred vendor to implement M-Files at PACI due to its ability to provide the end user, developer and administrative training during the implementation phase while also serving as a strategic technology consulting advisory team.

“Our team has grown to rely on M-Files to not only secure and search for their documents with ease, but also for its many other capabilities,” said Mr. Mansour Al-Methen, the Deputy Director-General, Systems Affairs and Information Technology Department at PACI.

M-Files Helps PACI Achieve ISO 27001 Certification

In 2013, PACI became the first government agency in the State of Kuwait to gain ISO 27001 certification.

“The robust features of M-Files played a big role in convincing the ISO auditors of PACI’s commitment to Information Security. External Auditors from DNV were impressed by M-Files capabilities and PACI garnered a ‘NOTEWORTHY’ finding,” said Mr. Mansour Al-Methen.

Robust Workflow and Access Management Capabilities Automate Processes and Protect Content

The access and permissions management capabilities in M-Files helps PACI to secure confidential documents while ensuring that only authorized users can access or edit certain files. Automated workflows are easy to create and ensure that the appropriate employees are reviewing and/or approving documents. All workflow steps are tracked in the version history, and since workflows are also metadata-driven, it’s easy to evaluate how well processes are being executed. Tasks can be automatically assigned as a part of the workflow or assigned to another user.
Document templates simplify the file creation process for employees since we don’t have to recreate the files from scratch. In addition, metadata imbedded within documents in M-Files ensures that documents are consistently saved and organized across departments.

The audit process is now much smoother with M-Files. PACI can now have a detailed log of all document-related activities, modifications and deletion operations.

“With M-Files in place, PACI has reduced the number of paper printouts considerably, which showcases our efforts to contribute to the green environment movement,” said Mr. Mansour Al-Methen. “M-Files has made a big difference to our organization, not just in helping us achieve ISO 27001 certification, but also because it has helped us improve workplace productivity and control costs.”


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About M-Files

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The Public Authority for Civil Information

Document Management, Compliance Management, ISO 27001 Certification, Automated Workflows & Access Control.


M-Files Enterprise Content Management Solutions

“M-Files has made a big difference to our organization, not just in helping us achieve ISO 27001 certification, but also because it has helped us improve workplace productivity and control costs.”

Mr. Mansour Al-Methen
Deputy Director-General Systems Affairs and Information Technology Department at PACI