Wizly™ (formerly known as Afterspyre) Business Analytics

Organizations change over time as a response to their external environment. Understanding the meaning of that change and assessing the impact related to the response makes decisions far more critical to the long-term success of the organization. Analyzing a business depends on more than financial and quantitative methods. There are few tools that can deal with the structure of the organization since it is made up of descriptive phrases.
IYCON has launched Wizly™ (formerly known as Afterspyre), an exciting analytical solution for analyzing organizational problems and scenarios, which uses phrase-based capabilities to support decision-making. Wizly™ (formerly known as Afterspyre) is a cost-effective solution greatly reducing time consuming manual methods and expenses that support management decisions. With Wizly™ (formerly known as Afterspyre) the impact of strategic response decisions can be evaluated quickly and accurately, from changes in the external landscape (environment), to the processes and value streams the organization executes.

Wizly (formerly known as Afterspyre) Use Cases

  • Initiative Management
  • Best Investment Option
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Discover Organizational DNA
  • Price vs Volume Affinity
  • Website Analytics for Sentiment
  • Word Frequency for Google Keyword Analysis
  • Problem Solving

    With Wizly™'s (formerly known as Afterspyre) capabilities, an analyst can provide management with various insights including:

    # Techniques Purpose Wizly™ Function / Feature
    1 Ranking Prioritize a list of items or focus on most important Prioritize strategies, goals, processes (actions), skills, project, initiatives, etc
    2 Impact Assess what is impacted by change Assess degree if change or impact on people, processes, decisions, etc
    3 Comparisons Determine best alternative Assess best alternative for organization, processes, mergers / acquisitions, etc
    4 Semantic Understand verbal communications and understanding within an organization Consistency and frequency of terminology used for websites, reporting and communications, etc
    5 Differences Determine differences between current and future states of something Assess differences of current-to-future states for actions or processes, initiatives, performance
    6 Relationships Understand connection and strength between two or more things Understanding of connections between things: databases, consumer's purchasing habits, organization, etc

    The Need for Wizly™ (formerly known as Afterspyre) Solution:

    Resolve Management Issues

  • Management can’t get quick holistic analysis and assessment of business problems
  • Risk and reward analysis too focused on business case financial analysis
  • Flexibility to assess problems from different perspectives
  • Seeing linkages across various dimensions of a business (i.e., information used across business processes)
  • Assessing of semantics used in organization
  • Difficulty assessing business strategies in merger/acquisition scenarios
  • Little ability to analyze impact of decisions on various areas of the business infer relationships across business
  • Determining linkages of strategic initiatives to business processes to decisions to information to applications that support initiatives

  • Resolve Technical Issues (IT)
  • Information stored in independent systems by business analysts and not in analytical tool.
  • Typically, information is stored in Microsoft Office based tools and not in a repository which is easily accessed and shared.
  • Most software product architectures are closed to specific purpose and to an open-ended analysis framework
  • Analytical solutions are very expensive
  • Purpose of Wizly™ (formerly known as Afterspyre) Solution:

  • Timely and accurate collection of various information from business
  • Easy way to design, capture, analyze, and report on various business problems
  • A cost effective analytical solution to assess different business problems
  • Easy to understand and use
  • What does Wizly™ (formerly known as Afterspyre) do:

  • A way to quickly assess business problems to assess business risks/rewards
  • A solution for analyzing organizations, roles, resources, applications, decisions, strategies, policies, semantics of processes, information, data and assessing impact/inferences across these organizational dimensions
  • A consultative approach to analyzing business problems
  • How does Wizly™ (formerly known as Afterspyre) address your requirement:

  • Initial results in 30 days depending upon scope of problem
  • The ease of implementation
  • Easy to use and expand as required
  • How is it cost effective:

  • A unique product to assist business analysis
  • Small project mentality with quick results
  • Resulting business performance with Wizly™ (formerly known as Afterspyre):

  • Insight into business problem and analysis of problem
  • Better decision-making with semantic and quantitative analysis